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Due to the transitioning of HyperFund into Hyperverse in December, we have removed the information on this page (which would be out of date).

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Enjoy the benefits of cryptocurrency without the price volatility.

A massive opportunity powered by some of the biggest names in the blockchain industry...

HyperFund was established in 2019 by the HyperTech Group. This group consists of industry-leading companies that work with Fortune 500 companies and governments around the world, including Collinstar (est 2015), HCash (2017) and Blockchain Global (2014).

Together, they have invested in and incubated some of the most successful blockchain companies in the world and own more than 40 world class crypto exchanges and over 6 years, have built a collective market valuation of over $10 Billion.

They aim to power the the world’s largest blockchain DeFi ecosystem and community: the HyperCommunity.
Their goal: 30 Million users and a public listing by 2023.

Official Websites

Click the logos below to visit official websites

HyperTech Group Ecosystem

Hyperfund ecosystem

Below are a few products from the HyperTech decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem

Mulit-ecosystem digital wallet

Blockchain-encrypted bank

Integrated digital finance services

Efficient mining for everyone

Click the logos for more information.

HyperCommunity & HyperFund

“The strongest ecosystem can only survive with the support of its members”
HyperCommunity and HyperFund are designed to enrich members and build awareness

How does HyperFund work?

What are Hyper Rewards?

Hyper Rewards are 3X the value purchased, released at a rate of 0.5% per day.

😀 Passive rewards

For each membership you purchase, Hyper Rewards are issued at 0.5% daily of the purchased membership value, until 3X the purchase value is reached.

Every membership purchased receives these rewards and you do not have to refer anyone to participate.

Anytime your rewards value reaches 50HU, you can either; (1) use within the system to re-buy additional membership(s), which also generate 3X the value or; (2) exchange for digital currency (crypto) and withdraw. See video below for full presentation.

💪 HyperDrive your rewards

HyperDrive is an option to accelerate of the release of your passive rewards through community building.

You participate by simply referring other people. If you join my team, I can help you do this (and get you a page just like this one!

HyperDrive participation is completely optional – you NEVER have to recruit anyone for your passive rewards, however it can massively speed up how quickly your passive rewards are released as the referral program is ‘multi-level’.

The opportunity of a lifetime?

Grab a coffee, sit back and find out. Watch this full presentation and let me know what you think!

Official presentation covering HyperTech, HyperFund and Hyper rewards.

Meet the HyperTech leaders

Ryan XU is Founder of the HyperTech Group and Collinstar Capital. He is a major player and investor in blockchain technologies. Sam Lee is Chairman of the HyperTech Group and CEO of Blockchain Global, he founded Blockchain Centre in Australia, 2014.

Watch and listen to the videos below

Play Video

Ryan Xu on the Next Blockchain documentary
Episode 6 of ‘Next: Blockchain’ (watch full series on Amazon Prime) heavily features HyperTech Group’s Ryan XU.

Play Video

Sam Lee interview on
Sam Lee talks to Angie Lau, editor-in-chief of Forkast.News about how Chinese talent and innovation is driving blockchain.

A quick reminder...

Hyper Rewards are 3X your package and are released passively at a rate of 0.5% per day.

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